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Residential Cleaning

  • brown wooden center table inside room
    Living room, Den, Home Offices, Halls, Bedrooms, Etc.
    • Dust Ceiling Fans & High Areas For Cobwebs, Open & Even Out Curtains & Blinds If Nice View (Ocean, Bay, Private Yard)
    • Dust Bookshelves, Picture Frames, Decorative Items, Light Fixtures & Bulbs, Fireplace Mantels, Wall Vents, Tabletops & Chairs
    • Empty Trash Cans & Replace Can Liners
    • Windex Mirrors & Glass Tabletops (No TVs), Front Doors & Sliding Glass Doors (Inside Only)
    • Apply Final Touches Such As Folding Blankets, Straighten Pillows & Items On Tables, Hide Appliance Cords Behind Appliances
    • Vacuum Floors, Carpets, Mats, Baseboards & Stairs
    • Mop Tile & Wood Floors
  • white kitchen room set
    • For Rentals Only: Throw Out Perishables, Condiments & Beverages That Are In Fridge & Freezer
    • For Residentials Only: Wipe Crumbs & Spills On Fridge & Freezer Shelves
    • Clean Exterior Front Of Fridge & Freezer
    • Clean Interior & Exterior Of Microwave
    • Clean Exterior Front Of Oven, Wipe Away Crumbs & Spills From Under Burners Or Glass Top Range
    • Polish All Chrome Appliances
    • Clean Exterior Front of Cabinet Doors
    • Clean Countertops Using Surface-Appropriate Cleaning Solutions
    • Clean Sink, Faucet, Backsplash & Polish Chrome Fixtures
    • Empty Trash Cans & Replace Can Liners
    • Apply Final Touches Such As Folding Hanging Dishtowels, Straighten Countertop Items, Hide Appliance Cords Behind Appliances
    • Vacuum Floors, Mats & Baseboards
    • Mop Tile Floors
  • white ceramic bathtub near white framed window
    • For Rentals Only: Throw Out All Toiletries & Soaps
    • Windex Mirrors & Dust Vanity Lights
    • Clean Exterior Front Of Vanities & Cabinets
    • Clean Sink, Faucet, Backsplash & Polish Chrome Fixtures
    • Clean Showers, Tubs, & Polish Chrome Fixtures
    • Clean Interior & Exterior Of Toilets With Bleach
    • Empty Trash Cans & Replace Can Liners
    • Apply Final Touches Such As Folding Hand Towels, Straighten Items On Countertop, Hide Appliance Cords Behind Appliances
    • Vacuum Floors, Mats & Baseboards
    • Mop Tile Floors
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    Shower Glass, Window Cleaning, and more!
    • Your shower glass restoration starting at $100 . Our team at That Guy with a Broom uses Enduro Shield to keep your shower glass in top shape! Call us for details!
    • Your window cleaning weekly, bi weekly, and monthly starting at $1. Outside and inside of your windows and outside tracks starting at $15. Call us today for your residential window cleaning!
    • Post- construction clean up, Routine Window cleaning service, Routine Office cleaning, Home Organization and de-clutter. Call us with any questions or book your cleaning online today!
Commercial Cleaning
You can get After Hours cleaning in Ocean View, Dewey, Rehoboth beach, and Bethany Beach, DE

  • photo of dining table and chairs inside room
    Commercial cleaning services for your store or office

    You need a dependable janitorial service to show up on time and clean your commercial property well. Make the wise choice and choose That Guy With a Broom to clean your office, store or other commercial space. He will:

    • Dust
    • Sanitize
    • Mop floors
    • Clean bathrooms
    • Restock bathrooms

    Questions? Call 302-727-2517 to learn more about That Guy With a Broom and the commercial cleaning services he can provide for you in Ocean View, Dewey, Rehoboth, and Bethany Beach, DE.


    At That Guy With a Broom, our janitor doesn't settle until you are satisfied with your cleaning service. Your input is important to him, and he will do everything he can to make sure your needs are met, if not exceeded.

    Call 302-727-2517 today to schedule an appointment for commercial cleaning services from That Guy With a Broom.

Janitorial Services

  • man cleaning on floor beside white wall
    Your Preferred Janitorial Company

    Most business owners don't realize that the restrooms in their store effect the customer experience. Clean facilities encourage customers to stay and shop longer, but a dirty restroom sends them out the door. Depending on the type of business, the worse the state of the restrooms, the more impactful to business. In the age of social media and numerous review sites, the last thing a business owner wants is for a customer to snap a picture of a filthy restroom, share it, and spread the news.

    According to a study by the Cintas Corporation, dirty restrooms are quite common. The following numbers are from the 2011 study, asking participants what specific type of business they would avoid if they encountered a restroom that was not clean:

    • Hotels - 79 percent
    • Supermarkets - 50 percent
    • Retail Stores - 45 percent
    • Offices - 45 percent
    • Dealerships - 39 percent

    Years later, those numbers have probably increased with the rise of the Online Review.

    Do YOU have time to scrub the toilets? Do YOU want to lose clients because of something as fixable as a dirty restroom?

    Call That Guy With a Broom in Delaware for janitorial services to freshen your facilities and keep them clean.